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8 Ideas For Aisle Decorations

What a lovely UK summer we are having! Yesterday I attacked our garden so that we could have a BBQ today, which normally would result in a downpour of typical British rain. This morning however I was greeted by the sun pouring in the window! I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday, wherever you are in the world.

Today's Blog is going to be 8 ideas for aisle decorations. Here are a few ideas I have seen and think are so pretty. 

1) Glass Jars

What I really love about these is how simple yet pretty they are. If you are a flower person and having an outdoor wedding, or a venue with not much room for large flower vases this simple idea gives you the ability to put flowers on your aisle. Clear glass will go with any theme, change the flowers/colour of ribbon and instantly you have a decoration that will fit in with your wedding theme/colour. As I may have mentioned several times, I'm not a big flower person but I think these jars could be filled with a variety of things. Coloured sand for beach weddings, paper confetti, pebbles, petals, whatever takes your fancy.

2) Pew Bows

Bows are commonly used at the end of pews in weddings, what I love about these is once again they are so simple and you can buy these from a wedding decoration company or online quite cheaply. They are available in most colours to suit your wedding and even if you aren't having a church wedding these can easily be attached to most chairs.

3) Bay Trees

This is an idea my husband and I used. We had two at the top of the aisle, and two at the bottom. We tied a red ribbon on them and placed them in ivory plant pots to tie in with our colours. I would have inserted a picture of my own here but I can't find a good shot of them and they are hidden away at the back of our spare room not easily reached I'm afraid! I think bay trees are just so pretty and a lovely alternative to flowers. We were able to take them away and when we are done sorting our home out these will come in to use as house plants. Not always the cheapest idea depending on where you get them, but look around places like B&M, Home Bargains or wholesalers to get good deals. I think ours were about £12/£13 each.

4) Candles
Candles are romantic and the lighting they give is soft. I love the flicker of a candle flame. In the above picture they appear to have put petals in with the candles, which is so pretty and a great way to tie in your flowers/colour theme. Personally I'd probably just go for pillar candles in a large glass vase, but the petals do add a lovely touch. As much as I love this idea, I do also think you would have to have a very wide aisle. The last thing you want is to knock these over with your train. Other than that I think it's pretty and different.

5) Wicker hearts
I love these. So much so, that my husband and I had these for our aisle, we tied them to the chairs with red organza ribbons we had purchased on ebay. They are so simple, and of course hearts will go with any wedding! I purchased mine on ebay, but you can get them on, and so many other places. Shop around for a good deal. They usually come in plain wicker, white or cream, but if you wanted to and had the time you could buy spray paint and jazz them up a bit. Or why not look for other similar things to hang, such as faux starfish (perfect for a beach wedding) or even a bucket & spade!? The possibilities are endless.

6) Petals
Simple & romantic. Bit of a romantic at heart so this really appeals to me. If you are getting married in a church or other indoor venue be sure to check they don't mind you putting down petals as they will of course have to clean this up. As an alternative you can purchase Petal aisle runners (I think that is what they are called) where material/paper is covered with petals and you lay this on your aisle to walk on. Afterwards this can be rolled up and taken away, so a lot less clean up! 

7) Photos
As an alternative to the glass jars/wicker hearts, why not hang some pictures of you and your husband/wife to be from ribbon? I'm not sure this is something I would have used personally, but I do think it is such a unique idea. A very personal touch to a personal day!

8) Not even sure what to call these... Paper hearts on a stick?

For an outdoor wedding I just think this would be amazing and easily made your self. Just cut out hearts from thick paper/card in the colour of your choice and attach to sticks. Think cocktail sticks or BBQ skewers. Push them in to the ground at various heights lining your aisle. It's incredibly unique, easily adapted to your colour theme and BONUS... Cheap to do!

Well that my 8 ideas I have seen/liked/used. As per all my other wedding blogs, I think it's important to bear in mind where you are having your wedding and to check with any venues what they will or won't allow before you start purchasing anything. It's also a good idea to find out what will already be put in place for you. Some churches will have flowers there already and some venues will provide organza bows & ribbons in their packages. Check with your venue before you purchase anything. Within the limits that your venue and the budget you set yourself, I say anything goes! It's your wedding day so do what you want and what makes you and your partner happy! 

I hope this has given you some ideas and got those creative juices flowing! I also hope that you all enjoyed reading this. If you have any requests or comments please leave them in the comments box below or Email me. I'd also love to hear what you guys choose for your wedding day so let me know, or send me pictures :)

I'm off to have a BBQ with my husband & best friend now, I have no idea what my next blog will be, but I'm thinking maybe gift ideas for bridesmaids/groomsmen? 

As always, thanks for reading! 
Rachel xoxo

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