Saturday, 20 December 2014

Sassy Bloom December Unboxing

When I'm not being a mummy, writing my blog or working my way through one of my many to do lists (I like lists) then I'm usually watching YouTube videos. It is on YouTube that I discovered the subscription box, and I wanted one! However I could never quite justify spending money on a box full of beauty, health or food related objects. Especially with a new baby in the house who needed so many things and needed them more than I needed a box full of stuff.

So I was really excited to hear about Sassy Bloom. A baby product subscription box full of items for your little man, or little miss! The website states that it's perfect for pregnant mums, from the 3rd trimester, right up until your child is 2 years of age. Each box is tailored to the subscriber and their child. So my box is designed with a 7 month old little boy in mind. You can have a monthly subscription for £29 a month, a 3 monthly subscription which works out at £26 per box,  6 monthly is £24.65 per box and annual is £22.92 per box.  I opted for a monthly subscription initially while I suss it all out.

It's worth mentioning that if you sign up for their newsletter you get a code for your first box to be half price. I did this and so I paid £14.50 for my box. **disclosure -  I have signed up and paid for Sassy Bloom myself. This is not an advertisement or paid for review. All opinions are my own!** 
Sassy Bloom state that the minimum value of any singular box will be £40 RRP.  They also operate a referral service, where every customer is given a unique code to pass on to their friends and family. When someone signs up to Sassy bloom using your code you will both earn £10 off a Sassy Bloom box. If you want any further information on Sassy Bloom you can check out their web page Here. If you want to use my referral code to earn you (and me) £10 off a box then Click Here

My first Sassy Bloom Box

The first thing I noticed when I opened my parcel was that I had two boxes. My Sassy Bloom Box, and an additional box which was too large to fit in the first box. 

What is it? My first product/item was Bamba's First Comforts Baby Signing Kit. Its a plush monkey (Bamba) that comes with a plush bottle, spoon, blanket, wash mitten & mirror. Using Bamba and the other plush toys you are able to play with your child while teaching them to communicate through sign language and simple words. 

My Impression? I was really excited to get this item. I am partially deaf and so have been trying to use some simple sign language around Baby R. I had looked in to getting this kit but as it's RRP is £30 I decided it was a bit much to spend on a singular item. To see it included in my Sassy Bloom parcel was a very pleasant surprise. I love that the entire kit comes with little compartments for each part of the kit, and the lid to the box has a quick reference guide to the signs.

Baby R's First Impression? He already loves Bamba who is soft, and a rattle, plus his long limbs are perfect for chewing. The other pieces of the kit have been curiously examined. Time will tell!

RRP? £30

Overall Impression?  10/10, good quality item that I was interested in previously. Baby sign appears to be quite a trendy thing at the moment and so I imagine this would go down well with a lot of parents.

Next up I opened the actual Sassy Bloom Box. I will say I was a teensy bit disappointed to find that the decorative ribbon was lying untied underneath the boxes. It was no major issue, but it would have looked prettier wrapped around the box.

What is it? MAM Dipper Set - Green. This is a spoon and fork set perfectly sized for little hands to attempt cutlery. They have a safety shield to avoid baby pushing them too far in to their mouth.

My Impression? First of all my reaction was how cute they look (lots of ooo's & aaahhh's). Impressed with the safety shield as Baby R has a habit of ramming things too far back. They are quite light and perfectly sized and shaped for little hands to pick them up. Good to introduce cutlery but at the moment Baby R tends to use his hands when feeding himself. If he can't use his hands he sits back and waits to be spoonfed.

Baby R's First Impression? He seemed mildly interested, which given it's cutlery and not a toy seems to be a good thing? Think this will be good for him to encourage use of cutlery but think patience and practice will certainly be required.

RRP? £5.25

Overall Impression? Good quality, solid product. Very practical. Seems like they will come in handy as Baby R learns to feed himself using cutlery. Probably wouldn't have purchased these myself but looking forward to trying them!

What is it? 4 Munchkin White Hot Safety spoons. Long handled, soft tipped, easy grip spoons. The coloured tips turn white when the food is too hot for baby, stay coloured when food is the correct temperature.

My Impression? I really like the munchkin brand of products so I was happy with this product straight away. I also really like their white hot safety range. I have their rubber duck with the white hot bottom. Baby R tends to use it as just a toy duck now, but in the early days of bathing a baby it provided some reassurance that baths weren't too hot and that is what these spoons do. Simple, effective and spoons always come in handy.

Baby R's First Impression? Pretty much the same as the MAM dipper set. He showed mild interest before discovering Mummys camera. Then her keys. Pretty much everything I didn't want him to touch. It's not really a toy so his lack of interest doesn't concern me. He'll show plenty of interest when they have porridge on in the morning :)

RRP? £4.99

Overall Impression? I love the munchkin products and this safety feature. Good quality. Spoons are always useful. Another practical item that is welcomed.

What is it? Fisher Price - Jungle Colours book. Its a solid chunky book for children. Brightly coloured to stimulate learning.

My Impression? I love books and I really enjoy introducing books, stories & reading to Baby R. This book is great as its solid, I would wager quite difficult to break (unlike some of the torn books Baby R owns). It's colourful & educational. BUT as much as I love this book and will use it with Baby R eventually I was a little bit disappointed to see very clearly written on the back of the book "This book is for sharing with children over one year old." The book will get used and it's still a nice product, but as the boxes are tailored for you/your child I felt it was wrong of them to send a 1yr old item to a seven month old baby.

Baby R's First Impression? Prior to discovering the aforementioned warning on the book Baby R had a play and promptly tried to eat the book. His eyes lit up at the animals and bright colours. This is definitely a hit with him.

RRP? £3.99

Overall Impression? It's a lovely item. A bright colourful, good quality, sturdy, educational book. What is there not to like? I really do like the item, but I think this should have been kept for the box of an older child.

What is it? Blue personalised dribble bib. It's a soft cotton bandana style dribble bib with velcro fastening and it's been personalised with babys name.

My Impression? First of all let me just say I've covered the name in my picture. But under the leaflet is Baby R's full name and it's been stitched really well. The bib is very soft, seems to be good quality and is a lovely powder blue colour. Baby R has been teething since he was two months (bless him!) but has only recently had his first two teeth push through. The stream of dribble has been worse than usual, and of course this means soaking wet tops and lovely rashes! Bibs always come in handy so I like this product and I love anything personalised so this was a really lovely touch.

Baby R's First Impression? It went in his mouth almost immediately. If it's soft he's going to chew on it. Put it around his neck and he didn't pull it off so I'd say that was a success!!

RRP? £7.00

Overall Impression? It's a nice bib, love that it's personalised. Wouldn't have paid £7.00 for it if I'm honest. It's a dribble bib at the end of the day, I would want a pack of bibs for that price not just one. But as part of a box it's a really nice item.

Also in my box was a £25 voucher for Hello Fresh. I don't think this was an 'item' as such, when giving feedback on the box, this wasn't one of the items listed so I think this was just a little bonus voucher/coupon. Hello Fresh is another subscription service. They deliver ingredients and recipe cards for you to cook meals. It's a lovely idea, but it's not something I will be trying as I think it's over priced for what it is. You don't get the actual meal you get ingredients and a recipe. Yet 3 meals for 2 people is £40+. With a baby in the house I want more than 3 meals for £40.

There was also a little card telling me more about the referral side of Sassy Bloom. It also gave me information on other ways to earn Sassy Rewards and/or a free box. For example providing feedback on your box, posting a photo of your little one using the items etc.

So that was my first Sassy Bloom box and I was really impressed and quite pleased with the items I received. I paid £14.50 and the Bamba set alone was worth more than that, so everything else was a freebie in my eyes. I liked the range of items and the brands I was given. There were items I wouldn't have bought/known about so it's really nice to be made aware and given things to try that otherwise you wouldn't have. For the most part it was all very relevant to Baby R and his age group. Everything except the book was for the 6 month mark and he is not quite seven months. The total RRP of the box was £51.23 so it was definitely worth what I paid.

Thank you for reading my first Sassy Bloom Unboxing, I will be continuing my subscription for now and so towards the end of January you can expect my next unboxing post! Did you get a Sassy Bloom box this month? What were your thoughts and what was your favourite item from your box? Mine was the Bamba signing kit! 

As always thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. Glad you liked what you received. I'm seeing a lot of these subscription boxes around in all different styles, still not getting the idea myself though.

    1. Thank you for popping over to say hi! I think the idea of Sassy Bloom is that mums try and test products, the ones that are loved are then sent out to subscribed mums for you to try. So they do all the research and trial to find what they believe are the best products on the market at the moment. Then you get to try things that maybe you wouldn't have seen or heard of otherwise. Plus you pay less for the box than RRP. That's my understanding of the concept anyway. Will pop over and check your blog out in the morning while baby is napping. Thanks again for saying hi!

  2. Ah this looks fabulous! I took Libby to baby sign classes and intend to do the same with Lia as of January, she is 7 months now and I think that around 8 months will be the ideal time to start. This little Bamba kit looks great, I hadn't heard of that so will definitely look it up. I love all these subscription boxes too, nothing better than receiving a surprise in the post!x

    1. Baby sign classes is something I definitely need to look in to after Christmas, Baby R is 7 months old too and at the moment I don't think he's all that interested in signs and obviously is too young to copy them back! Yes it really is a lovely little kit. Will let you know how I get on with it. If you do get one, let me know what you think too :) xx