Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January 2015 - Sassy Bloom Unboxing

I received my January sassy bloom box almost two weeks ago now so I am a little late on the unboxing post, but it is still January so ... I can be forgiven right? You can read Decembers Unboxing Here

If you don't already know, Sassy Bloom is a subscription box that you receive monthly, with baby/children's products inside. It is suitable for pregnant mums from the 3rd trimester to baby/toddlers of two yeas old. The amount you pay is dependent on the subscription you sign up for, a monthly subscription is £29.00 per box, 3 monthly is £27.00 per box, 6 monthly is £25.00 a box and Annually is £23.00 a box. Each box is tailored and hand picked for your child.

**Disclosure: I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway to provide this review. I pay for the Sassy Bloom boxes myself. All opinions are my own.**

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Without further Ado here is my January 2015 Sassy Bloom Box. This month the ribbon was on the parcel and it made the parcel look even more exciting!

Inside was a little envelope with a card telling me my box was handpicked for my 7 month old (who's now 8 months old... slow down little man) and some leaflets with my referral code to pass on to friends.

 Once I unwrapped the tissue paper I was met with a pretty full box of goodies! I was very excited to get in there and see what we had!

What is it? The first thing I pulled out was this Plush Rattle Caterpillar. Pretty self explanatory, a plush toy with a rattle inside. 

My first thoughts? I was quite pleased to see this in there. Rhodri loves teddies & plush toys so I knew he would like this. We've had it two weeks now and he still loves playing with it. He likes to chew on the legs and antennae when teething, and cuddling it when he's sleepy.

RRP? I don't know the RRP of this item. When you get a box, the items are listed on the web page with the RRP and some other information. You are able to leave feedback on your box and the items. This item wasn't on the list so I'm not sure what the RRP is. But from looking online I've seen them for around £5.99.

Overall Impression? I like this product. It's stood up well against the chewing and drool. Rhodri hasn't become bored quickly (which he sometimes does with rattles).

What is it? Gumigem Miller Pendant. Its a rubbery pendant necklace that baby can chew on. It's easily washed and as its soft it won't damage little teeth. The cord is long, so plenty of reach for babies to pull, but it also has a safety clasp incase it's pulled too hard or too far.

My first thoughts? I had actually been looking in to buying one of these. Rhodri, like most babies, is obsessed with jewellery. He grabs and plays with necklaces and bracelets. I wanted something I could let him play with, with no danger of it breaking, and he could safely teeth on if he wanted. Seeing this in my box I was excited to try it out. 

RRP? £12.95

Overall Impression? After two weeks of use I like it. It's easy to clean and I can chuck on a necklace without worrying about it being broken or chewed on. Rhodri likes to chew on it and it seems to help with his teething so it's a win win. 

What is it? Nuby Grip N' Sip. A non spill beaker, with two handles to make it easy for babies to hold and with a one touch valve built in.

My first thoughts? Looked very easy for baby to hold. I'm always looking for cups and beakers to help Rhodri learn to drink out of something other than his bottle.

RRP? £2.99

Overall Impression? Rhodri can use this and seems to like drinking out of this more than some of the other beakers we have tried. The mouth piece is soft but, like it says on the packaging, it is non spill. I like it!

What is it? Baby Dan Fingersafe. These are put on doors to prevent them doors from slamming and trapping little fingers. They are also designed to fit on the door handle when not in use.

My first thoughts? Rhodri is starting to become more mobile so of course little safety items for around the house are always on my mind. When I saw these in our box I was happy to have something else to keep the little man safe.

RRP? £2.99

Overall Impression? After two weeks I'm satisfied with them. They do exactly what they are supposed to. Good product and nice to try something safety related.

What is it? Babycup - Blue Small plastic cups. To help babies learn to drink from cups. Small for little hands to hold on to.

My first thoughts? I was a little underwhelmed when I first saw these. They look like little shot glasses. Are small and plastic. I wasn't overly excited  and think that cups aren't exactly a good idea with a 7 month old.

RRP? £6.66

Overall Impression? Well they are good for helping him learn to hold and drink from a cup BUT his first instinct is to turn it upside down. I think he is a little young to get the concept of cups. But it's always good to have these things in the home ready for when he is more able to try them out and it's definitely good to introduce drinking from open cups, as it's said to be better for their teeth. The product is good, but I think it will come in more useful later down the line.

What is it? Organics Multigrain Mini Cereal Puffs. Soft chewable organic cereal. A stage 2 cereal for introducing more flavour and textures.

My first thoughts? I love the organix range and Rhodri certainly likes his food. It's always good to try new flavours and brands to see what they do and don't like. I was happy with this product.

RRP? £0.80

Overall Impression? Rhodri liked the cereal and ate the full portion, I think I will purchase some of this cereal as he seemed to enjoy this as a change from his porridge.

What is it? Sock ons. Strong stretchy material, worn over socks to stop socks coming off.

My first thoughts? I had heard that people had received these from Sassy Bloom and was really hoping I would also get them. Rhodri, like most babies, has quite a talent for working socks off his feet. I was excited that there may be a solution for this!

RRP? £6.00

Overall Impression? They definitely do keep socks on. They seem quite tight on his feet but then no lines or marks were left on his feet so I think I may have worried over nothing. Rhodri is trying to walk and stand a lot at the moment and the packaging says they shouldn't be worn when walking so I spent a lot of time taking these off and putting them back on. I managed to loose one already! The product itself is amazing and does what it says, but possibly better for younger less mobile babies. Loved the product though and would definitely purchase some for any future babies.

What is it? Munchkin Wonder Waterway. A series of beads, wheels and spirals that keep baby entertained during bathtime.

My first thoughts? Whether he takes a quiet and relaxing bath or a playful splashing bath I love bathtime with Rhodri. I like buying him bath books & toys to help keep him entertained during bath time so I was looking forward to trying this out.

RRP? £5.99

Overall Impression? Rhodri likes the water flowing through the toys individually or the tower as a whole. The product itself is great, good quality and I think it definitely keeps him entertained. I like it alot.

I liked all the products in my box this month. My favourite was probably the Plush Rattle as Rhodri likes it so much. My least favourite is probably the Babycups, but mostly because he's a little young to use them at the moment. The items themselves are good and I'm sure we will get more use out of them eventually. I was really pleased with the box overall. It was another impressive box and I'm already looking forward to Februarys box!

Did you get a Sassybloom box this month? What did you receive? What were your favourite items?

As always, thanks for reading xoxo


  1. I have ordered one a few days ago as I seen they have become popular so next week I should receive my first ever box. I wonder what they put in it. Baby related, toddler related, pregnancy related? Who knows. But the fact I am at the end of my pregnancy I'd say it is more than likely baby related.

    1. I'm intrigued to hear what a pregnancy box contains so be sure to let me know what you get. I only signed up when my son was 6 months so I missed the boat on pregnancy boxes! I'm guessing you are right though and it will contain baby/new born things and maybe something for mummy too? Hope you enjoy your box as much as I've enjoyed mine. Thanks for the comment.