Monday, 23 February 2015

Rhodri's 9 Month Update

9 Month Update

I now have a 9 month old! That's a pregnancy... how crazy is that?! This month has really flown by and with only two weeks left until I return to work I've been filling our days with lots of fun activities. As much as I've loved that quality fun-filled time together, it does make time fly by even more. So lets take a look at what's been going on since Rhodri turned 8 months old, up until he hit 9 months old. 

Weight: Weight wise Rhodri has fallen slightly under his growth line. We know this is because he was quite poorly for almost two weeks this month. During that time he refused solids and he dropped from three bottles a day to two on a good day. Since getting better he has returned to his eating pattern so I'm sure he will be back on track soon.

Height: The health visitor measured him at his 6-9 month check and he is now 71cm long. This puts him just shy of the 75th percentile line. So he is long/tall but not massively. 

Clothing size: 6-9 months still.

Sleep: He sleeps 7pm - 7am most nights. When he was ill Rhodri woke at 10pm, 12pm & 4am every night. As soon as he was better we reverted back to his normal sleep pattern.

This months milestones: 
  • Rhodri has learnt to wave. He was very keen to show this talent off at the beginning of the month but as time has gone on he doesn't wave as often, usually only when the mood suits.
  • Rhodri has learnt to pull himself to a standing position using Mummy for support.
  • While sitting on the sofa Rhodri will shuffle down on to his back, roll on to his tummy and then scoot off the sofa so he is standing up and holding on to the sofa.
  • Rhodri is recognising who people are. So if I say 'Where is Nanna?' he looks at his Nanna.
  • Rhodri says Dadda clearly. He sometimes says Mamma but usually reserves this for when he's upset.
This months special outings:
  • We took Rhodri to an indoor play centre with his cousins. He was too young for most of it, but thoroughly enjoyed the ball pit!
Baby gear love: There's nothing in particular ... calpol with a syringe I guess? Anything that makes giving medicine easy is a plus.

Baby's routine: You can read our bed time routine HERE

Daytime wise he wakes at 7am, has porridge for breakfast, has a bottle, plays in his door bouncer or walker. Around 9.30am he goes for a nap. This is usually for about 2 hours. He then has a little play until 12pm when he has lunch and his second bottle. We play with his more interactive toys until about 2.30pm when he goes for a second nap. This is usually an hour nap. Once he wakes up we tend to play with his sensory tent and then he goes in the door bouncer or walker for a bit as well. This takes us up until dinner time which the bedtime routine covers :)

Of course there are days this differs slightly, if we go out he tends to avoid naps as long as possible and playtime isn't so scheduled but you get the gist.

Highlights of the month: 
  • It was really miserable when Rhodri was ill, but the highlight of the month was seeing him starting to smile and babble again when he was feeling better. They were the sweetest smiles I've ever seen.
  • He's a lot more vocal and I love that. He's always been very babbly, but after he was over his illness this has been a lot more noticeable.

Rhodri's monthly favourites: 
  • Toy - A musical yellow starfish mirror toy
  • Teddy - goodnight bear and his caterpillar
  • Food - Banana pancakes, lamb & winter veggies, cauliflower.
  • Music - Sam Smith 'Stay With Me' 
  • Activity - Standing up holding on to the coffee table and bashing the table with coasters, remotes etc.
  • Person - Mummy & Daddy of course!
  • Book - The Gruffalos Child.
Rhodri's monthly dislikes:
  • Medicine.
  • Being dressed. Particularly dislikes putting coats on.
  • Being strapped in to prams/car seats.
  • Afternoon naps
We are still waiting for more teeth to arrive. His first two came through just before he turned 7 months and although he's been teething this entire time, no other teeth have come through yet! It looks like more are coming, but I said that last month!!

That's all for this month. As always thanks for reading! xoxo

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  1. Really lovely to catch up with you, Rachel - and of course baby Rhodri! I hope the back to work goes well xxx

    1. Thank you Bex! :) hope you're 2nd week in work is going OK xx

  2. Totally agree with Bex, thanks for sharing this and i hope the return to work goes smoothly. Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

  3. Hey hun,

    Aww so nice to see how well he's doing. And it goes without saying that you're doing well in order for him to be doing so well.

    I love his little milestones. My youngest, who is now a year old is only just starting to stand against furniture, but your little one is developing at the same rate as my eldest did. It's so strange how much children can vary.

    And his dislikes...yes! We have the same dislikes. Medicine is evil apparently and the girls refuse to swallow any of it. So frustrating. And baby hates putting on her coat and being strapped in. Haha!

    Hope you're both doing ok...

    Sal xxx | UmmBaby

    1. Its so lovely watching their little personalities develop and as you say funny how different they all are. My husband has a friend who's son was born the day after Rhodri and he is a master crawler yet Rhodri shows no interest lol xx
      Medicine coats & straps must have been on the last baby newsletter :) now all the babies hate them! Haha thank you for your lovely comment and I hope you and your three girls are well :) xxxx