Wednesday, 26 November 2014

3-6 month Must Haves

I can hardly believe my little man is already 6 months old. It seems just yesterday I watched his Dad hold him for the first time, eventually got a cuddle myself and spent the night in hospital just watching him sleep, totally in love and amazed this little boy was all mine.

Yet somehow 6 months have passed and my little man is constantly growing, changing and learning. 

If you haven't already seen my Newborn and 0-3 month must haves, click on the links to check them out. Here's my 3-6 month must haves, there's 3 new additions this month, and 1 wish I hadn't bothered purchasing.

1) ELC wooden highchair toy. This keeps the little one amused while I am preparing food, or cleaning up after food. The bright colours, wooden beads and mirrored base make for an intriguing toy (well as far as a 6 month old is concerned). It occupies him and you can see the cogs turning as he learns to move the beads around the track.

2) Door jumper/bouncer. I have the Bright Starts playful pals door jumper. Babies seem to love door bouncers and my little boy is no exception. He's been pushing on his feet trying to stand, on & off since he was only a few weeks old. So once he was able to hold his own head up we got him a door bouncer. He's always liked it but I would say it's been since he was about 5 months that he's properly enjoyed the bouncer. I couldn't be without it, especially now he's outgrowing the bouncers and swings and wants more activity during play time.

3) Pretty much all of the linkable rattle, teething, hanging toys for play gyms. But in particular the Fisher Price Funny Feet Zebra.

The linkable toy makes it perfect to add to a play gym, toy bar on a bouncer or attach to the car seat/pram. The soft toy is a hit with my son, he loves biting and chewing on teddy's and soft toys. The 2 teethers are definitely a hit. The rattle is a fun little noise maker... but also a teether as far as my 6 month old is concerned! As is the clacker. Suitable from birth, but most definitely been reached for a lot more since my son was about 4-5 months. 

Wish I hadn't purchased?

The Bumbo, bear with me if you have and love this product! It's absolutely nothing the Bumbo has done, it is a good quality product and excellent in theory. Sit your child in so they can sit up and play. 
The reality with my little Tinker? He just doesn't like it. He begrudgingly goes in the Bumbo, can't wait to come out. He shows little to no interest in toys while in the Bumbo, and even though he is more than capable of holding his head and sitting upright, he starts to slouch and refuses to sit upright in protest. I have no idea why he has such a dislike for this product, but after a few almost successful uses, a few not so successful and then a few very unhappy attempts we finally gave up and the Bumbo has gone to it's final resting place... on top of my fridge freezer until I figure out what to do with it.

That's it for my must haves for now. Let me know below what your must haves for any age group of child are, if you've tried (loved or hated) any of the products mentioned in my posts. And let me know if there's anything you'd like to hear my opinions on. I'd love to get some feed back from you all to help me continue to improve my blog! Say hello in the comments below! :)

As always thanks for reading xoxo

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