Friday, 7 November 2014

**The Mummy Tag**

The Mummy Tag

I've seen this tag floating around on blogs I read, and some of the YouTubers I watch have done this too. So I thought it was a fun little blog to do just to pass some time while Hubby is in work and baby is tucked up in bed.

 I tag anyone reading this, who is a mummy. Here goes:-

1) Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum? 

I am currently a stay at home mum while I am on maternity leave, but I will be returning to work next year.

2) Would you have it any other way?

Yes & no. Yes I would love to be able to give up work at least until my son is in school. But on the other hand I would rather work and provide him with everything he needs, than not work and struggle.

3) Do you co-sleep? 

No. Never have and never would. I would be terrified of falling in to a deep sleep and hurting/suffocating my son. Plus I think it's important for your child to sleep in their own bed or space and to be able to get to sleep without Mum or Dad cuddling them to sleep.

4) One must have gear for baby?

Tough one. I have two! First one is the bath seat. My son wasn't too keen on baths to start with. It was quite hot in Britain this summer and warm baths weren't exactly wanted by an already warm baby. The seat meant I could wash him with warm water but he was sat above the water so didnt get too warm. Now he's older it means my hands are free to wash him. Help him play with toys etc.
Second one would be his Elephant Slumber buddy. It's a projector night light that plays lullabies. The light and music switch off after a set amount of time (ours is set to half hour). Now he's a bit older he loves to look at the projected stars on the ceiling and it helps calm him down just after his bed time story and just before bed time.

5) How many kids do you plan on having?

I honestly don't know. My husband would like three but at the moment my son is only five and a half months so I'm quite happy with my little baby. Maybe one day we will have a second. Just enjoying my little boy for now.

6) Date night? How many nights a month?

We don't really do date nights as such, and definitely not every month. We went out last month to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and we will probably do the same for our birthdays and stuff. But we enjoy being at home with the little one, so I don't think date night will become a thing.

7) Your child's favourite show?

He's five and a half months, he doesn't really have a favourite show. He sometimes watches Baby Einstein TV if I need him distracted for me to tidy up or do laundry, and he enjoys it, but he's not that bothered by TV at the moment.

8) Name 1 thing you bought before you had your baby and you never used?

Scratch mittens. He wouldn't wear them or keep them on so the 7/8 pairs I had haven't been used. Instead I started buying sleepsuits with the built in mittens (you roll the sleeves over the babies hands) and they work much better than actual mittens.

9) Your Child's favourite food?

Apple, Porridge or the two mixed together. He's still in the early stages of weaning, but will eat most vegetables and fruit. But baby porridge and apple are definitely his favourite so far.

10) How many cars does your family have?


11) Weight gain before pregnancy, during, after and now?

OK so I lost maybe 2lbs during pregnancy? After I lost a further 15lbs and now I am 38lbs lighter than my pre pregnancy weight.

12) Dream holiday with your child?

I'd love to take him to Disneyland (Paris or Florida). I think that would be really magical when he's quite a bit older. But I'd also quite like to take him around the UK to different places. There's a lot for him to explore and do.

13) Dream holiday without your child?

If money was no object I'd love to go on an around the world cruise. 

14) How has your life changed since your baby has been born?

Probably not in the ways I was expecting. I'm lucky, he's an excellent sleeper and has slept through the night since he was about 7 weeks old so I haven't really lost out on much sleep (furiously smacking every piece of wood available to me).

I guess mainly the fact there is someone more important than me or my husband in my life. Leaving the house requires planning and thought. It's like a military exercise and even then it never quite goes to plan.
My washing machine never stops. Not just because of him, but because of the amount of mess I manage to get myself in looking after him all day. He has reflux so there was a time when I would have to change my top 4/5 times a day. Luckily he's much better these days ... but the washing is still ridiculous.
It's changed my relationships with a lot of people. I think there is a new found respect for the other mums & dads in your life, for your own parents etc. Some relationships improve, some not so much and some dissolve the instant you become Mummy. 

Plus you become a bit of a circus act. The amount you can do with one hand is incredible. I was rubbish in the first few weeks, but something clicked and now I can juggle (metaphorically of course) the baby, a hand full of toys, dirty laundry and a bottle if needs be. 

15) Finish the sentence: "It makes my heart melt to see...."

My baby smile and my baby peacefully sleeping. The two things that are guaranteed to make me grin from ear to ear and just want to hug, squeeze & love him!!

16) Where do you shop for your kids?

Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Next, Matalan, Primark, Babies R Us, Mothercare... anywhere & everywhere basically :)

17) Favourite make-up and skin care products?

Make-Up - At the moment I'm in love with BB creams. Rimmel Londons 9-in-1 BB Cream is my current fave.
Skin Care Products - "I Love..." Strawberry Celebration bath & shower cream 
                                     Palmers  Cocoa Butter

18) Huggies or Pampers?

Pampers, but I think I will be trying out some other brands, as I don't think they are worth the money given how often they leak. Have heard Aldis own are good so may well give them a go.

19) Have you always wanted kids?

Yes, I've always wanted to be a mum. Even when I was 6/7 I can remember playing in my room. I played this game where I was a doctor, teacher, author, ballerina, shop owner all in one week. And I can remember pretending to drop my children off at school before I went to work... my child being a teddy bear named 'Cuddles' would then be my patient, student, publisher, dance partner or customer. Very versatile bear!!

20) Best part of being a mum?

That feeling of being totally in love and not knowing how you could possibly love or be any more proud of your child. But yet every day you love them even more and are proud of every little thing they do. The unconditional love between you and your child... and getting to see them grow in to their little personalities.

Ok so that's the Mummy Tag. Hope you enjoyed and as always. Thanks for reading!


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