Monday, 8 December 2014

Babies First Christmas - How much is too much?

My Christmas shopping is all done, the Christmas tree is up, I've started the wrapping and I've written about 75% of my cards. All in all I'm feeling pretty smug prepared for Christmas. 

This year is my sons first Christmas and so far this has involved buying way too much sentimental 'First Christmas' bibs, baubles, PJ's, hats, door signs. The list goes on. Although I'm glad to have things that we can keep to remember his first Christmas (such as the tree baubles, and the wooden advent calendar personalised with his name), I can't help but wonder how much is too much?

Along with these 'momentos' is the mountain of gifts. I tried to be sensible and buy things he needed anyway. Instead of him receiving clothes and toys as he hits the 9-12month marker over the next few months he'll get them for Christmas. Instead of buying the toy box I wanted and using it now, it's been saved for Christmas. Yet as I wrapped the mountain of funny t-shirts, cute socks, trendy trousers, bath toys, books and endless musical toys that will drive me crazy by 9am Christmas day, I couldn't help but worry I needed more while telling myself off for having too much!

I even decided the usual wrapping paper wasn't good enough for his gifts. Oh no. 'Baby's First Christmas' paper was needed. You know? Just incase me or Hubby forgot it was his first Christmas. The wrapping paper would remind us and we ... no there is actually no reason why I needed that wrapping paper.  At 7 months my son will not understand Christmas, he definitely won't remember his first Christmas and isn't likely to suddenly disown me because I didn't get him enough or his wrapping paper was the wrong one!

People keep telling me the first Christmas is (much like the first birthday) more for the parents than the child. I have no doubt that is absolutely true. I am definitely looking forward to watching and helping him open his presents, before he decides to spend most of the morning playing with wrapping paper. I find the whole idea of starting our little traditions absolutely magical. As one of the biggest kids and Christmas lovers out there, I can't wait to share this with my son as he grows and starts to understand who Santa is.

I finally decided last week that I definitely had enough. No more santa hats, Christmas bibs, baubles, PJs, stocking fillers or gifts were needed. I have many years ahead of me to fill my house with cheap Christmas themed rubbish magical Christmas themed decorations.

Luckily for this 1st time parent, my child won't know whether they have been given too much or too little. So I'll retreat from my blogging go back to wrapping and obsess over how much stuff I should or rather shouldn't have bought!

Let me know below how you decide how much is too much when it comes to gifts for your nearest and dearest. Mums, did you feel the same on babies first Christmas? Did you succumb to the never ending novelty items available? Was Christmas V2 easier?

As always, thanks for reading xoxo


  1. We have always just set a limit on how much to spend and there's always a little give or take for our 3 kids! Sometimes though you find something that you just have to get as it's just the right price and the right thing. :)

    1. That's probably the best way to do it! I'm just a sucker for cute clothes and toys! :)