Monday, 22 December 2014

Dear Baby R - Open letter

Dear Baby R,

This year is your first Christmas and it's time to start some family traditions that hopefully one day you'll excitedly look forward to and love sharing with me, your mummy. One of the traditions I want to begin for you, is to write you a letter every Christmas and save them for when you are older. We can read your letter together on Christmas eve and look back on the past year together, how loved you are and what I look forward to in the next year. This year as you are too young to understand, I will read your letter for you and put it away safe in your baby box for when you are able to read them yourself.

One year ago Mummy was 19 weeks pregnant with you and was waiting for her 20 week scan. I couldn't wait to see your tiny heart beating again, your arms & legs waving and I was even hoping to find out if you were a boy or a girl. You had other ideas for us though and decided we would have to wait, making sure the ultrasound technician couldn't tell. Stubborn from day one!

We had no tree up for Christmas last year as we were in the middle of moving to our new family home. There was no tree, no lights and no mantle piece full of 'babys 1st Christmas' cards! I was already looking forward to this Christmas and imagining what it would be like with a 7 month old, but what I imagined wasn't even close to how magical this Christmas has seemed with you here.

In January 2014 we moved in to our new family home, and through January, February & March we settled in and started preparing everything ready for you. In April we decorated your nursery (which was and still is my favourite room in our home) and Mummy went on maternity leave. The first four months of 2014 were me excitedly waiting to meet you. You weren't my little boy then, you were the unknown, but I couldn't wait to meet you and I was already head over heals in love with you.

In May you made your appearance and what an entrance it was. Once you decided to shift you weren't waiting around. You had mummy, daddy, the midwives & the Dr's all in a tizz! Yet despite the commotion once you were born and eventually placed in my arms you were calm and quiet. You slept peacefully that night in the hospital and I lay wide awake counting my lucky stars that you were mine. My precious little baby boy. I was thankful and so proud to be your mummy.

Since then you've met your family, shared countless kisses & cuddles. You've made me laugh and you've made me cry tears of joy.  You've grown so very quickly from my newborn to my 7 month old and just as quickly I went from a 'new' mum to mummy who couldn't imagine or remember life without you. Every little thing you do, things I can do & take for granted, suddenly brought me so much joy. Your first smile, the first time you grabbed and held on to something, the first time you rolled over or sat up on your own and the first little babbles of conversation.

Every day you amaze me, you make me smile and you bring so much joy to my life. I want you to know that you were loved before you were born, before you were held in my arms. Each day you and your loving, cheeky personality make me love you more than I ever thought possible. I love watching you learn and grow. Your willingness to try new things and adventurous nature inspires me. Over the next 12 months I can't wait to see you learn more and that personality of yours grow and blossom even further. I look forward to your first birthday, although it also scares me how quickly it's approaching. My newborn is a baby now, and before long will be a toddler. I'm trying to treasure and savour every moment with you, while encouraging you to learn and grow the way I know you must.

I also look forward to seeing you enjoy time with your family, and watching you build friendships with the new babies that have been and will soon be born. I look forward to being mummy. I'm proud, blessed and over the moon that I'm your Mummy.

This year, although the christmas tree lights, the decorations and the cards seem to peak your interest you are too young to understand Christmas. You don't understand about Santa, or even why Mummy & Daddy are so overjoyed that this Christmas will be better than any Christmas we've ever had. Santa, the gifts and the countless festivities mean little to you today. While you nap and dream away, I write this letter for an older boy who hopefully will know how loved and treasured he is.

Baby boy, you are mummy's miracle in more ways than one. You have enriched my life beyond belief. I am blessed to have you. I am rich beyond measure to be loved by you. Have the best 1st Christmas ever, and I look forward to all the Christmas's and all the letters we will get to share together.

I love you to the moon and back Baby R.

Lots of Love, Kisses & Cuddles
Mummy xxx


  1. Ah bless, this is beautiful. I also have a 7 month old, hasn't time flown since May when they turned up?? I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.x

    1. Thank you! Yes it really has flown by, seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant and yet here I am with a 7 month old!! But they do say time flies when you're having fun :) thanks, have a very merry xmas. Enjoy your little ones 1st xmas xx