Sunday, 7 December 2014

Snappy Sunday - Christmas is coming!

Happy Sunday all! Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend doing whatever makes you happy. This week has been crazy busy in our house. As Christmas approaches I am trying to fit in seeing as many people as possible, wrapping all the gifts and also planning ahead for some home improvements in the new year. It's all very exciting... well for me it is! 

Last year as we were in the final stages of buying our house, packing up and moving so we didn't have our Christmas tree up at all. This year with the little one, and us being settled in our home I decided 1st December the tree was going up!

It's a little mish mash and not exactly art work, but I love it anyway! Full of colour, flashing lights and my little boys face lit up when he saw the tree all decorated. It got me so excited to see how much he will enjoy Christmas this year. He will be 7 months old by then so still too little to fully understand, but i'm sure all the wrapping paper to scrumple up and boxes to play in will be a little adventure for him.

I've really enjoyed gathering some special ornaments that when he's older will be the ornaments from his first Christmas. A wooden train, a '1st christmas' bauble, a rocking horse and some other bits. I think I've enjoyed finding his little contributions to the tree as much as our cat has enjoyed taking baubles off the tree and hiding them in random places in the house... All fun and games when you have pets and babies!

Share below what you've been up to this week. When do you normally put your tree up? Is December 1st too early?

As always thanks for reading xoxo

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