Thursday, 8 January 2015

5 Baby Brain Moments

Curse you baby brain! There was a time when I could remember birthdays with out checking & double checking my diary. I was able to get to the end of the street without having to go back for something. But then there was pregnancy and my brain turned to mush. There is something about all those hormones and the constant stream of baby related things to think about that gives women 'baby brain'. Or maybe I just lost my marbles?

Here are five of my funniest, albeit potentially dangerous, baby brain moments:

  1. Set fire to my microwave. No, I'm not joking. While getting ready for work one morning I pulled some bread out of the freezer to make sandwiches for lunch. I put the bread in the microwave for 1 minute to defrost and walked away to finish getting ready. When I returned to the black cloud of smoke that was my kitchen, I had an inkling that something was wrong. The source of the black smoke was my microwave, it was billowing out of the sides. I panicked for a second before opening the microwave door and covering the now cremated bread with a wet towel. If you can guess why this happened you get 10 brain points. Go on take a guess... 'defrosted' the bread on full power. Forgot to press the defrost button didn't I?
  2. 'Polished' living room. Doing the housework one Saturday morning. Thought to myself the polish smelt like apple & cinnamon, which was odd because the polish I used at the time was beeswax, there was no added smell. Continued cleaning and moved on to the dining room, went to spray the dining room table and something on the spray can caught my eye. As you have probably already guessed it wasn't polish I'd used to dust my living room. It was air freshener.
  3. Cried over Multi purpose wipes. This is kind of my hormones fault, but I'm blaming baby brain because in my crying fit that's what I decided was to blame. I grabbed and opened a pack of wipes. Wiped my kitchen work tops and went to put the pack of wipes away. Realised as I put them away there was already a pack of wipes opened. I blamed baby brain that I'd opened a pack when I already had a pack open and then sat on the kitchen floor and cried that there were now two open packs. Crying turned to laughter when I explained to Hubby why I was crying but for a good five minutes I was genuinely distraught!
  4. Had a bit of a mix up. Trying to be a supermum in the earlier days and doing many things at once I made a bit of a boo boo. I was tidying the house, making me some lunch, feeding the cat, putting on laundry and making the baby a bottle. Look at me go with all the multi-tasking! Right, lets put the washing powder in the machine, and the milk powder in the bottle. Add some hot water, well that's not right is it? The milk doesn't get that frothy until you shake it. Yes, you guessed it. Milk powder in the washer and washing powder in the bottle. No babies were harmed, I noticed straight away but never do the two things at the same time any more! 
  5. Made an error putting together our new wardrobes. We moved in to our new home this time last year. In our old house all the rooms had built in wardrobes. So as well as purchasing a lot of nursery furniture we also needed a rather large wardrobe to fit all of our clothes in. Eight months pregnant, one evening in April, we finally got around to putting up our wardrobe (I was sick of pulling clothes out of black bags and laundry baskets). Hubby refused to let me help much and instead 'allowed' me to read the instructions and tell him what to do. That was his big mistake! I did read the instructions, but not very well and after about half an hour Hubby was balancing the top of the wardrobe on his head, while one side was being built. I got to an instruction that said to put the other side on and then lift wardrobe off floor and stand upright. I suddenly realised I'd missed the glaringly obvious instruction at the beginning - Assemble on floor.
I wish I could say I'm joking but it's all true. Luckily I find it all very funny now and although I still have my moments they are definitely less dangerous! Did you have the baby brain? Did you still have it after your babies were born? Leave me a story in the comments about your 'funniest' baby brain moment. 

As always thanks for reading xoxo


  1. Gosh yes so many things. Worst one? Making a bottle of milk up for Jake. Poured the water in and I always leave it a few minutes to cool with the lid just placed on top. Came back, shook up a bottle of formula guessed it...hadn't put the lid on! x

    1. Oh no! That is one I haven't done ... yet! Bless you xx

  2. Ah bless, I'm always doing things like this. I went for a short run yesterday, found a new route and decided to run a bit further and explore. Got lost and ended up running for over two hours. Paying for that today!

    1. Oops! That's a tiring baby brain moment, but hey at least you got some benefit from it! :) x