Saturday, 31 January 2015


When I started blogging about Mummy things I very quickly got drawn in by ads on my blog and the possibility of reviewing products on my blog. I got drawn in by the idea of staying home with baby!

How exciting that this little hobby of mine could be more than that! But I've decided to disable ads on my blog and although I'm still a PR friendly blogger I won't accept payment for posts. I will review products and samples but only if I deem them appropriate to this blog and my family (which is how I've always worked. I've never reviewed something I wouldn't ordinarily purchase or use.)

I think I need to earn my stripes as a blogger and not jump in the deep end quite so eagerly.

Plus I'm returning to work in 5 weeks and this blog will be added to my balancing act. I'm just a normal mum, blogging because I enjoy it. This isn't my job as such and maybe one day my dream of working from home will come true. But there's no shortcut, quite rightly so, to a successful blog. I need to work at it.

My PR page will be updated shortly to reflect this change.

Let me know in the comments what you think. Have I done the right thing returning to Blogging as a hobby?

Come say hi and leave your constructive criticism. I'm always looking for ways to improve! As alway thanks for reading xoxo


  1. Good for you! I don't get given things to review anyway (apart from some MAM teething goods) so I do only blog for myself really. I would love to get more opportunities to try things that would be beneficial to Jake and us as a family. I think you're right to focus on 'balancing things' though :-) xx

    1. Thank you hun! I'd love to have the opportunity to review more things too, its exciting! But my blog was originally just a sounding board for my thoughts and realistically I need to return to that! I'm a mum, will be working 4 days a week soon. My blog always has been a hobby and I think I jumped the gun trying to make it more than that xx appreciate your comments as always! :) xx