Friday, 23 January 2015

Rhodri's 8 Month Update

8 month update

Rhodri playing in Nannas

So Rhodri is 8 months old now. It's crazy how time has flown, that the cheeky, funny and very bossy little man has been in our lives for 8 months already. Yet I also feel like he's always been a part of our lives.

One of my biggest blogger regrets is that I didn't come back to blogging sooner, that I missed an opportunity to keep all my pregnancy milestones and memories here, and until I wrote Rhodri wrote Baby R's First Blog Post I haven't done the best job at marking his milestones either. 

So new year, time to turn over a new bloggers leaf and get those memories typed up. Starting with his 8 month update! 

Weight/Height: He's gaining weight exactly on the trend he should be. Our Health Visitor has joked that he must have had a copy of the baby book and read it before he was born!

Height wise, he's only ever been measured once when he was was about 13 weeks old and never since so I don't know. He definitely seems longer but that's not very accurate of me!

Clothing size: 6-9 month.

Sleep: He sleeps 7pm - 7am most nights. 

This months milestones: 
  • Rhodri got his first two teeth just before turning 7 months, and it's looking like some more will come through now he's 8 months. Slowly but surely!
  • He's been able to sit with very little assistance for a while but around the 7 month mark he got his balance and can now sit unassisted for quite some time while playing without falling.
  • He learnt to clap new years eve.
  • He has also learnt to fake a cough. He finds this highly amusing.
  • Hand eye co-ordination is definitely improving, he can now close the pop up section of toys deliberately and has a vague idea of how to make them pop back up.
  • He can stand up for a short time when holding on to toys/tables.
  • He does walk forward if you hold his hands and point him in the direction of a toy or person he wants.
This months special outings:
  • We took Rhodri to visit his new baby cousin just before Christmas
  • We also took Rhodri to his grandparents to spend time with his Auntie, Uncle & cousins who came to visit for Christmas. They live far away so that was quite special for him.
  • Rhodri met his new twin besties. He was intrigued by the two small people, and very much liked their soft blankets.
  • Rhodri went to his cousins 3rd Birthday Party. He didn't really understand what was going on, and I suspect he thought all the attention and fuss was for him. Either way he enjoyed.
Baby gear love: I would say my love this month would be the Summer Nasal Aspirator. I can't quite remember how it came to be in my possession, I remember thinking how gross it was and chucking it in a draw somewhere. Cue the cold he had over Christmas... love it now don't I!?

Baby's routine: You can read our bed time routine HERE

Daytime wise he wakes at 7am, has porridge for breakfast, has a bottle, plays in his door bouncer or walker. Around 10am he goes for a nap. This is usually for about 1 and a half hours. He then has a little play until 12pm when he has lunch and his second bottle. We play with his more interactive toys until about 2.30pm when he goes for a second nap. This is usually an hour nap. Once he wakes up we tend to play with his sensory tent and then he goes in the door bouncer or walker for a bit as well. This takes us up until dinner time which the bedtime routine covers :)

Of course there are days this differs slightly, if we go out he tends to avoid naps as long as possible and playtime isn't so scheduled but you get the gist.

Highlights of the month: 
  • Rhodri has started to give proper cwtches, not just I'm being held and cwtched by you. But the proper arms around my neck, head nestled into my shoulder kind of cwtches. A cwtch is a cuddle by the way, Welsh term.
  • He also gives kisses. If you say "kiss please" and he's in the right mood he puts his open mouth on my check, so that counts as a kiss right? The affection is certainly one of my highlights. 
  • It was Rhodri's first Christmas shortly after he turned 7 months. That was a huge highlight. Loved seeing him with all his family.

Rhodri's monthly favourites: 
  • Toy - door bouncer closely followed by his walker/activity centre
  • Teddy - goodnight bear closely followed by scout the talking dog
  • Food - Pork & Apple Casserole
  • Music - Sam Smith 'Stay With Me' - I can't explain he just loves it.
  • Activity - pretending to cough or sticking items like remotes in his mouth.
  • Person - Mummy & Daddy of course!
  • Book - One Ted falls out of bed.
Rhodri's monthly dislikes:
  • Day time naps, especially if we aren't at home.
  • Being dressed. Particularly dislikes putting coats on.
  • Toys with pop up bits. You know where an animal pops up when you push a button? Yeah he doesn't like that. He shouts at the toys and slams the pop up bit shut! Weird but true.
That's all for this month. As always thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. I love a good update post. It is good to see changes. Makes me miss when two was young. I wish I had blogged then about it all. Looking forward to the next update. :-)

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting :) I know what you mean, I wish I'd started blogging as soon as he was born and been better at update posts once I started blogging. He's changed so much already! :)

  2. Ah Aidan loves Sam Smith too - he must have subliminal baby messages in there or something haha :) x

    1. Haha he must do. Rhodri likes all his songs and even babbles in a sing song tone lol :)
      Thanks for the comment! :) x